Wendy Somero Bello

Wendy Somero Bello was born in Michigan and is where she first fell in love with nature and its wildlife. She began drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon. She would venture into the woods and rivers of Michigan and explore nature and its beauty for hours.

She lived in several states before landing in South Florida. Wendy has always had an artistic eye.  She loves photographing, drawing or painting many different subjects, but her favorites are wildlife and nature.  She attended International Fine Arts College in Miami, FL to learn commercial art, but always preferred fine art.  After college she worked in professional photo labs for thirteen years.  In 1999 she moved to Atlanta, GA. and in 2002 she opened Art by Somero, painting wildlife murals and drawing portraits.  

In 2006 she moved back to Florida to be closer to family.  She transitioned back to her first love which is fine wildlife art.  She has been part of and won many awards in local art contests. Wendy is active in Florida Art Festivals, you can see the shows that she will be attending in the EVENTS page.

Wendy paints from the photographs she takes. Every animal you see on this website, Wendy has been fortunate enough to see live. She has always been fascinated by their eyes and created the EYES series in order to represent what she sees in them. In some of Wendy's Eye pieces you can see what the animals are seeing, we will leave it up to the "Eye of the Beholder" to decide if it is GOOD or BAD what the animal sees.

Please feel free to frequent this site as Wendy is constantly updating new artworks. 



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